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By: Clint Peron over 1 year ago

It's back in

By: Rob Walmsley over 7 years ago

I have this on CD. If the 7" comes back into stock, please notify me.

By: Anna Hasselbusch over 11 years ago

Just got it today and all I can say it wow! This album has the rawness of hardcore and DC. Love It!

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Dischord 140 Minor Threat First Demo Tape

These are previously unreleased demo versions of songs which have been previously released.

Ian MacKaye vocals
Lyle Preslar guitar
Brian Baker bass
Jeff NelsonĀ drums

1. Minor Threat (version)
2. Stand Up (version)
3. Seeing Red (version)
4. Bottled Violence (version)
5. Small Man, Big Mouth (version)
6. Straight Edge (version)
7. Guilty of Being White (version)
8. I Don't Want To Hear It (version)
Recorded At
Inner Ear by
Produced By
Minor Threat and Skip Groff
Mixed By
Ian Mackaye and Don Zientara in 2001