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By: Rodrigo Daguerre over 2 years ago

hello! Please, this album deserves an urgent vinyl release.
Greetings from Uruguay

By: Benjamin harmon over 7 years ago

Vinyl, wax, lp... Pretty, pretty please!!

By: Matthew B Shumar over 7 years ago

need this on vinyl hard. pleeeeeease?

By: amber m minarchick almost 8 years ago

Agreed. This need to be on vinyl Jeff and Ian (please). Also, Rites of Spring's 'All Through a Life' on 12" is very needed

By: James McWhirr over 8 years ago

This is such a good record, it needs a vinyl pressing.

By: Paul Deschamps about 9 years ago

Pretty pretty please. :) Vinyl Vinyl!

By: Chris Bignell about 9 years ago

A vinyl release of YFPAIOP would complete MY LIFE.

By: Matt Pittman almost 10 years ago

Patiently waiting for this to be pressed...

By: james colville almost 11 years ago

pretty please??

By: Kyle Pollard about 11 years ago

Dying for a 12" - just sayin'!

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Dischord 149 Medications Your Favorite People All In One Place

Medication's first full-length album, released in 2005. This album is available in CD and digital formats.

Devin Ocampo vocals & guitar
Chad Molter bass & vocals
Andrew Becker drums

1. Surprise!
2. Or At Least As Bad
3. Twine Time
4. This Is The Part We Laugh About
5. Magazines for Entertainment
6. Pills
7. The Last Of The Rest Was The End
8. Opinions
9. I Am The Harvest
10. Occupied
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Brendan Canty