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By: Benjamin Hickson about 10 years ago

Can remember hearing this on WCVT radio on Rod Misey's PANDORA'S BOX and Skizz Cyzyk's LOCAL BAND SHOW. Reptile House did not feel like Dischord kids. They were distinctly Baltimore, sort of sinister and dirty, more like the Slickee Boys and 9353. I loved them all! Thank you so much for ALL the reissues. Fingers crossed for another Marginal Man reissue.

By: shane evans over 12 years ago

Seeing this just made my night , I combed record stores across the country in the early 90'3 looking for this record with no succcess. 20 years later I can finally get it! sorry Im a Daniel Higgins uber fan and just turned into a school girl. Thank you Dischord!

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Dischord 15.75 Reptile House 4-songs

This 4-song 7 Inch EP is Reptile House's first release, issued in 1985 as a split between Dischord and Druid Hill Records. Reptile House was from Baltimore, Maryland and featured Daniel Higgs (who later went on to form Lungfish) on vocals. This EP, which has been out of print for many years, was re-issued on Dischord on November 16, 2010.

Daniel V. Strasser vocals
Joe Goldsborough guitar
Leigh Panlilio bass
London May drums

1. Keel Haul Love
2. Social Champion
3. Mrs. Rain
4. Sleekstak Weather
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studio
Produced By
Ian Mackaye