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By: Kevin Young about 2 years ago

Purchased on CD when it came out. Would love to see a repress on vinyl. Based on 2nd hand market, this would not be a waste and would sell if repressed.

By: Adrian almost 12 years ago

Happy 50th birthday 2 days ago, Ian!!!!

By: Kirk Jordan over 12 years ago

Left a tingling in my soul akin to ginger in my tummy

By: rosendojavier about 13 years ago

Thanx from Spain.
Think about include digital bookart
and lyrics to the digital edition please ..

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Dischord 150 Evens S/T

This is the debut album from The Evens, a duo featuring Ian MacKaye (Fugazi) and Amy Farina (The Warmers). Released in 2005.

Ian MacKaye baritone guitar and vocals
Amy Farina drums and vocalsĀ 

1. Shelter Two
2. Around the Corner
3. All These Governors
4. Crude Bomb
5. Sara Lee
6. Mt. Pleasant Isn't
7. Blessed Not Lucky
8. If It's Water
9. Until They're Clear
10. On the Face Of It
11. Minding Ones Business
12. You Won't Feel A Thing
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Don Zientara and The Evens