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By: nathan grafe over 8 years ago

Any incite as to why this wasn't pressed on vinyl?

By: Erich J Mazon over 11 years ago

it's true, i still dream of owning this on vinyl ... <;-)

By: Erich J Mazon over 13 years ago

need this on vinyl! whens the next lp coming out?!?

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Dischord 155 Aquarium s/t

The debut LP by the Aquarium. Originally released in 2006.

Jason Hutto
keyboards, vocals
Laura Harris

1. Maxxo Sesh
2. Can't Afford To Live Here
3. Waiting For The Girl
4. Credits
5. Good People
6. Channel 9
7. White House
8. Golden Pyramid
9. Through The Tunnel
10. Slow Space
11. Aquarium Dream
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Mastered By
TJ Lipple at Silver Sonya
Mixed By
Brendan Canty at Trixie Studios