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Nothing Is Underrated


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By: M Thomas over 3 years ago permalink

A vinyl edition of this excellent album would be great, love Joe's solo work!

By: Daniel over 7 years ago permalink

I asked Joe why this wasn't pressed on vinyl, I don't remember what he said though. It should be on vinyl though!

By: Joe Dattilo over 8 years ago permalink

will this ever be pressed on vinyl?

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Dischord 158 Joe Lally Nothing Is Underrated

Joe Lally's second solo LP, released in 2007.

Joe Lally
vocals & bass

This Album Also Features:

Ben Azzara
Andy Gale
Eddie Janney
Sam Krulewitch
Ricardo Lagomasino
Ian MacKaye
Devin Ocampo
Guy Picciotto

1. Day Is Born + queue
2. Scavenger's Garden + queue
3. Map Of The World + queue
4. Tonight At Ten + queue
5. Via Nomentana + queue
6. Motora + queue
7. Skin and Bone + queue
8. Pieces Of String + queue
9. Door Closing + queue
10. The Space Program + queue
11. Mistaken Identity + queue
12. Painfully Aware + queue
13. Strascinata + queue
Recorded At
Dischord & Inner Ear
Produced By
Ian MacKaye & Guy Picciotto