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By: Adrian Zias about 8 years ago permalink

Amy and Ian are great! This and The Evens, their other album, are awesome. Overal, The Evens are amazing. Would love to see them sometime.

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Dischord 160 Evens Get Evens

Get Evens, The Evens' second full-length release, was entirely self recorded in the basement of the Dischord House in the summer of 2006. The album was then mixed at Inner Ear Studios by The Evens and Don Zientara. Released in 2006.

The 12" LP was re-cut in 2010 and comes with a complimentary MP3 download of the album.

Ian MacKaye
baritone guitar and vocals
Amy Farina
drums and vocals

1. Cut From The Cloth + queue
2. Everybody Knows + queue
3. Cache Is Empty + queue
4. You Fell Down + queue
5. Pushed Against The Wall + queue
6. No Money + queue
7. All You Find You Keep + queue
8. Eventually + queue
9. Get Even + queue
10. Dinner With The President + queue
Recorded At
Dischord House
Mastered By
TJ Lipple at Silver Sonya