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La Vache Qui Rit


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By: Nicholas LaFond almost 3 years ago permalink

Bert plays bass but it says he does vocals. Yes this record needs to be reissued on vinyl!

By: Jonathan Incaini over 5 years ago permalink

I found a used CD copy of this years ago but it's incredibly scratched. I'd love to find a vinyl copy or a re-issue

By: Kyle Harmon over 6 years ago permalink

after hearing the tracks on youtube this has to be released. i long for a physical copy of this ep.

By: John Scott over 8 years ago permalink

@ Ariel Arro. My thoughts exactly!

By: ariel arro over 8 years ago permalink

uhm..why hasn't this been released on vinyl?

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Dischord 163.5 Rain La Vache Qui Rit

CD EP out of stock
Buy Digital $4

Released in 2007, this CD features re-mastered versions of the songs from the long out of print Peterbilt 12".

This CD out of print. However, the songs are still available in digital MP3 format.

Original 12" Released:
Eli Janney
Jon Kirschten
guitar & vocals
Bert Queiroz
Scott McCloud
guitar & vocals

1. That Time of Year + queue
2. End of My Mind + queue
3. Snakeout + queue
4. Worlds at War + queue
5. Around the Axis + queue
6. Rivers + queue