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By: jonathan bennett over 12 years ago

I can only echo what has already been said here. This is just a major record. Unexpected and amazing.

By: Mike McLaughlin almost 13 years ago

great album. it moves along really well, glad i got it :)

By: Kajetan Herdynski about 13 years ago

This is the best album I've heard in a long long time. the one that assures me that contemporary music is doin' just fine. The LP sounds great!

By: Matt J. Popham over 13 years ago

Brilliant. Medications is one of the most extraordinary bands around right now...

By: Alec B over 13 years ago

I couldn't agree more, fantastic album!

By: David McHenry over 13 years ago

The #1 BEST album of 2010. Don't take that lightly, either, there were a lot of solid releases in 2010.... but none that I came back to as much as this one. Fantastic song craft and incredible playing.

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Dischord 165 Medications Completely Removed

Medications' second full-length album, released in 2010.

"Completely Removed" documents a new phase for Medications with Chad and Devin covering all the writing and most of the instrumental duties following the departure of Andy Becker. Not surprisingly the album represents a departure from the band's signature off kilter rockers. The advantage of being able to record and mix the album over several months at Devin’s home studio, Treehouse, enabled the band to focus more time on arrangements and production. This is not to say Medications have lost their edge -the new material dives headlong into new musical territory with thrilling results.
The 12" LP is pressed on high-quality RTI vinyl (Black).

1. For WMF
2. Long Day
3. Seasons
4. We Could Be Others
5. Rising To Sleep
6. Brasil '07
7. Kilometers And Smiles
8. Country Air
9. Home Is Where We Are
10. Postcards
11. Tame On The Prowl
Recorded At
Treehouse Studio
Produced By
Devin Ocampo