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By: shane evans over 12 years ago

John Staab just rules. nuff said

By: Dylan Dorcey over 12 years ago

Own the original can't wait till u get back in stock so I can here the other tracks

By: Darron Holck over 13 years ago

Geez I remember a friend having this 12". We would turn the lights off and do somersaults down his hallway. In between spasms we always complained it was too short. Now is my chance!

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Dischord 166 Government Issue Boycott Stabb Complete Session

When Government Issue recorded Boycott Stabb in November 1982 they initially tracked 20 songs, including several older previously recorded songs. The band had been through a major line-up change and finally decided only to release only the newest songs. The outtakes have remained un-mixed and unreleased until now. Side A of this 12" LP features the original 'Boycott Stabb' songs and Side B features the outtakes.

This pressing is on white vinyl.

1. Hall Of Fame
2. Hour Of One
3. G.I.
4. Puppet On A String
5. Sheer Terror
6. Happy People
7. Lost In Limbo
8. Plain To See
9. Party Line
10. Here's The Rope
11. Insomniac
12. Fashionite
13. Religious Ripoff
14. Asshole
15. No Rights
16. No Way Out
17. Twisted Views
18. Snubbing
19. Teenager In A Box
20. Bored To Death
21. Georgetown Blues
Produced By
Ian Mackaye