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By: Matthew H Camp over 12 years ago

loving this album - thank you. Must have listened to it 30 times since buying digital here last month.

By: Jacob Otero almost 13 years ago

Great album! Worth every penny

By: Tilman Dominka about 13 years ago

It is that good, indeed!

By: Ahmad S. Al-Hamily about 13 years ago

This has more edge then the previous releases which are much delighting. Great album!

By: Jason R Nelson about 13 years ago

Wow...this is so great. Love it more and more every time I listen to it.

By: Simon Kreutz about 13 years ago

Another great effort by Joe Lally. Highly recommended in case you love his work.

By: Daniel Deniston about 13 years ago

Well, I hope more dates to follow include Texas cause we rarely get any good Dischord bands down here and I'm tired of listening to such good music without being able to see them preform live!

By: CYRUS over 13 years ago

if you play this in your car, you wont be able to stop driving until the its over. save for gas!

By: CYRUS over 13 years ago

its oh so good!

By: Jason R Nelson over 13 years ago

Yes! I've been looking forward to this. Counting down the days.

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Dischord 168.5 Joe Lally Why Should I Get Used To It

Joe Lally's third solo LP, released in 2011.

1. What Makes You
2. Nothing To Lose
3. Revealed In Fever
4. Fort Campbell, KY
5. Philosophy For Insects
6. Ken-Gar
7. Why Should I Get Used To It
8. Coral And Starfish
9. Let It Burn
10. Ministry Of The Interior
11. Last Of The Civilized