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By: Daniel almost 13 years ago

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Dischord 169 Edie Sedgwick Love Gets Lovelier Every Day

Three songs by Edie Sedgwick. This limited edition 3-song single, released August 22, 2011, includes a full-length (11-song) MP3 download. Customers who purchase the 7 inch in stores will get a coupon to download all 11-songs. 

Tracks 1, 2 and 9 are featured on the 7 Inch.

Justin Moyer
vocals, guitar
Jess Matthews
Carla Elliot
Kristina Buddenhagen

1. Silver Bullets
2. See Saw
3. Natural Born Killers
4. Mind Trip
5. Everybody Wants Some (Van Halen Mix)
6. Shine A Light
7. Who's That Knocking On My Door (Post-Czech Mix)
8. He Composed Lines That Frighten Stanzas
9. Ava Devine
10. Livin In The 21st Century
11. Medley
Recorded At
Studio 1654
Mastered By
T.J. Lipple