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By: Max about 12 years ago

Come to Argentina!!!!!!!!

By: Evan Painter over 12 years ago

Wonderful single thank you for being a band and being so pleasing to my ears.

By: josh lusk over 12 years ago


By: Chad Kelly over 12 years ago

Would love to see this material live. We've just reopened our DIY space "The Mr. Roboto Project" here in Pittsburgh. Just saying.

By: Chris Wilhite over 12 years ago

We hope you are going to play out soon. The question is where?

By: Dischord Records over 12 years ago

yes we did

By: Jerrod Blavos over 12 years ago

you got this right?

By: Ahmad S. Al-Hamily over 12 years ago

Wish I could download but the options seems to be null for the moment. Oh well, life I suppose.

By: Simon Kreutz over 12 years ago

band gets better with every release!

By: Fidel Cuellar Jr over 12 years ago

It'd make 2012 great if you guys stopped by Austin, TX. We'd love to have ya'll

By: lowlife over 12 years ago

Warble Factor is dazzling! Dig it.

By: gabriel cece over 12 years ago would be super rad to see the evens play norfolk or virginia beach, virginia...i will be patiently awaiting the arrival of these two songs, to tide me over, until the full length is released in 2012.

By: Erich J Mazon over 12 years ago

when can we pre order this beauty?

By: Daniel Deniston over 12 years ago

I hope to see a tour down that lands ya down in Texas sometime. Can't wait for this

By: David R. Hill almost 13 years ago

I'm excited to hear the new material! I've been listening to the first two albums a lot lately.

By: Nathan Halda almost 13 years ago

really looking forward to it. i'd love to see another full-length.

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Dischord 170 Evens 2 Songs

Two new songs from The Evens, released on November 21, 2011.

1. Warble Factor
2. Timothy Wright
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studio
Produced By
The Evens
Mastered By
TJ Lipple