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By: Kuwabara Tooru almost 7 years ago

It is so good
So very emotional...

By: Kyle Harmon almost 10 years ago

I just received this this release in the mail today. Thank you Dischord for putting this out. Here's hoping there will be a CD release like this for Iron Cross (I love the Iron Cross songs on Flex Your Head) and Deadline.

By: Noah Salo almost 11 years ago

This is such an amazing CD. The only thing missing is the 12 songs from the Faith/Void split. I don't know why they weren't included, they definitely would have fit on the CD and it would have made this the "complete Void on Dischord" - everything they ever recorded except their unreleased album.

Regardless this is a phenomenal compilation. One of the most insane hardcore bands ever.

By: Tony Jamison over 12 years ago

I just got this. Wow!! Thank you Dischord.

By: Charlie Bailey over 12 years ago

listing to void is like some one came in your ear then punched you in the face... its fucking awsome

By: David Brown over 12 years ago

Thanks, gang. This record was needed. Forgot about the "Might for Right" commercial!

By: James DG over 12 years ago

This is an awesome collection! Rad to see so many VOID live pics I'd never seen. Great job to everyone involved.


By: Mark Pino over 12 years ago

The Jun Rhee Self Defense quote was hilarious!

By: Matthew M Schulz over 12 years ago


By: Albert Pike over 12 years ago

THIS will be the definitive release..these demos should have been the release of the day..these guys basically started the speed thrash punk that has continued to this day..FINALLY the originals !!! Thanks Ian !! peace..

By: Paul S. Hokama over 12 years ago

This release oughta be Insane! OXS Hardcore at its Finest!

By: Salvatore Bono over 12 years ago

Stoked!!! I have been a huge supporter of the label since 1985. This upcoming release is one to wet your pants over... in this case that's a good thing :)

By: brian mastrobuono over 12 years ago


Will buy new.

ban kaaos82

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Dischord 171 Void Sessions 1981-83

Sessions 1981-83 features 34 tracks including: 20 tracks recorded in November 1981 by Steve Carr at Hit and Run Studios (never before released); 10 tracks Recorded and Mixed in December 1981 at Inner Ear Studios (including the Flex Your Head cuts and the songs that ended up on the Condensed Flesh 7”); 2 tracks recorded in June 1982 at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara (out-takes from the Faith/Void LP); 2 live tracks from 1983.

This pressing is on blue vinyl.

John Weiffenbach vocals
Bubba Dupree guitar
Chris Stover bass
Sean Finnegan drums

1. Void
2. War Hero (version)
3. Go South
4. Condensed Flesh (version)
5. Controller Revolt
6. Dehumanized (version)
7. Suburbs Suck
8. Organized Sports/Who The Fuck Are You
9. Annoyed
10. Don't Wanna Be Like You
11. Black, Jewish, And Poor (version)
12. Please Give Us A Chance
13. Protect And Serve
14. Time To Die
15. Self-Defense
16. Draft Me Please
17. Authority (version)
18. All White Neighborhood
19. Halfway Boys
20. Wasted Party
21. Dehumanized (version)
22. Authority (version)
23. My Rules (version)
24. Get Out Of My Way
25. Condensed Flesh (version)
26. Organized Sports/Annoyed
27. Controller/Revolt (version)
28. Black, Jewish, And Poor (version)
29. War Hero (version)
30. Go South (version)
31. Dehumanized (version)
32. Get Out Of My Way (version)
33. Explode (live)
34. My Rules (live)
Mixed By
Ian MacKaye