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By: Aaron Leitko almost 10 years ago

Kyle, tracks 1-8 were included on DIS87 and the original "Subject to Change" EP. Tracks 9-19 are previously unreleased demo versions.

By: Kyle Harmon almost 10 years ago

are these the same tracks found on Dischord#087? or are they totally different? or just some?

By: Paul S. Hokama over 12 years ago

Just bought it and I Phuckin Love IT!!! The Demo of the Faith/Void Split phuckin Rocks!!!
Man, I feel 16 again!!!

By: Paul S. Hokama over 12 years ago

Can't wait for this & the Void release! Old school hardcore at its Finest! I hope that Dischord will put out the remixed version of Minor Threat's Out Of Step 12". I have two versions on the OG vinyl. If I'm not mistaken, they do sound different from each other.

By: Alec B over 12 years ago

We aim to please! The new mastering sounds GREAT, TJ did a wonderful job.

By: Jonthan Heckman over 12 years ago

Looking forward to getting both this and the Void release, but Faith is where it's at, Subject To Change and first demo, yes please! May have to get CD and an LP. Thanks Dischord!

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Dischord 172 Faith Subject to Change plus First Demo

This album includes a reissue of Faith's 1983 EP "Subject to Change" plus the band's first demo recorded in December 1981. All tracks have been mastered from the original material. Released on September 26, 2011.

This pressing is on clear vinyl.

Alec MacKaye vocals
Michael Hampton guitar
Chris Bald bass
Ivor Hanson drums
Eddie Janney guitar

1. Aware
2. Say No More
3. Limitations
4. No Choice
5. Untitled
6. Subject To Change
7. More Of The Same
8. Slowdown
9. You're X'd (version)
10. Don't Tell Me (version)
11. In The Black (version)
12. In Control (version)
13. It's Time (version)
14. Another Victim (version)
15. Nightmare (version)
16. Trapped (version)
17. No Choice (version)
18. Confusion (version)
19. What's Wrong With Me (version)
Mastered By
TJ Lipple