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By: Quinn Goodwillie almost 12 years ago

The artwork for this release is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for giving the six song demo a proper release!

By: timothy dalton almost 12 years ago

great cover

By: jacob estep almost 12 years ago

when can I pre-order?

By: Kris Bollen almost 12 years ago

Having finished the 'Dance of Days' book just yesterday, this 'Revolution Summer' record will give us an 'Indian Summer' in October...

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Dischord 176 Rites Of Spring Six Song Demo

The Rites of Spring six song demo was released on Oct 23rd, 2012.

Guy Picciotto guitar & vocals
Eddie Janney guitar
Michael Fellows bass
Brendan Canty drums

1. End on End
2. Remainder
3. Persistent Vision
4. Hain's Point
5. All There Is
6. By Design
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Ian MacKaye