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Trigger + Bass•103


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By: William Chatham almost 6 years ago permalink

This will be epic. Can't wait.

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Dischord 179 Soul Side Trigger + Bass•103

Buy Digital $712” LP (Yellow) out of stock

This release combines Soulside's 1988 Trigger EP with the three song single, Bass·103. The record has been pressed on yellow-colored vinyl and features updated artwork by Jason Farrel. The songs have been remastered by TJ Lipple.

Bobby Sullivan
Scott McCloud
Johnny Temple
Alexis Fleisig

1. Baby + queue
2. Trigger + queue
3. Name In Mind + queue
4. Problems Faced When Traveling + queue
5. War + queue
6. K.T.T.K. + queue
7. Pocket Hurts + queue
8. Forgiveness + queue
9. Scotts Instrumental + queue
10. Bass + queue
11. 103 + queue
12. Otherside + queue