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By: Bart over 2 years ago permalink

Fully agree with Tim Strange and Mario Nosic, please release a new album boys!! I appreciate that living 1000s miles apart and kids can put a damper on things but I need some good music in between the insanity of my own kids.

By: Stefan Kuhn about 4 years ago permalink

I bought this out of curiosity; I listen to it frequently because it's that good.

By: Mario Nosic over 4 years ago permalink

This is great stuff ! I agree with Tim, only way to top this is Fugazi NEW album!

By: Tim Strange almost 5 years ago permalink

Awesome! Some Fugazi to listen too...shame it can't finally be a new album. Its' been over a decade...please guys, lets do this! I know Joe lives in europe and others have familiy things going on, but the return of Fugazi would be so wonderful.

By: Darron W. Holck almost 5 years ago permalink

I wonder if Fugazi will ever release any of the Albini recordings from "killtaker". Not all but some of the Albini tunes are very different and could make for an interesting 7" release. However, this 'first demo' is great from what i've heard. I really want hear Turn Off Your Guns.

By: Joshuah Hounshell almost 5 years ago permalink

I cannot disagree with Sean Hoen more. This shows a fantastic evolutionary point in Fugazi's development and I for one, happen to love the recordings. I don't even think you have to necessarily be fond of demo recordings to appreciate this. They are not nearly as rough as he makes them out to be. Not everything should be pro-tooled to a high sheen.

By: Sean Hoen almost 5 years ago permalink

Fugazi is my favorite "rock"-based band of all time (and I am an eclectic freak), but I must say that I wish these recordings had remained unreleased. It's a curiosity, yes, but the performances are sloppy beyond charm and ultimately only convey what a huge leap they made as a recording band for the debut EP. Perhaps as a free download, but not an official release... nowhere near the quality of, say, the MT demo or Rites of Spring demo. Some thing can remained unearthed... it's okay.

By: Robert W. Swanson almost 5 years ago permalink

In regards to Norman Cchlimmer, I just checked, yes they're the same recordings.

By: norman schlimmer almost 5 years ago permalink

how is this the first demo recorded in 1988 if there is a demo called "inner ear demo1987" is floating around in the interwebs? are those the same recordings?

By: Douglas almost 5 years ago permalink

Ordered LP as soon as I saw this one!
I love fugazi!

By: hot vincent almost 5 years ago permalink

News of the year!

By: Dan Cavazzi almost 5 years ago permalink

Excellent!! Can't Wait!!!

By: David McHenry almost 5 years ago permalink

Soooooo excited. Preordered!

By: Hakim Tamimount almost 5 years ago permalink

It definitely made my day when I heard the news!!!

By: Aaron Kerry almost 5 years ago permalink

This wait will feel like the longest two months of my life!

By: Brian P Price almost 5 years ago permalink

Great photo on the cover. I feel like what each of them are doing, how they look, represents them quite well.

By: James Vitatoe about 5 years ago permalink

Sort of surprised that is isn't Dischord #185 or #190... Can't wait to hear this official version.

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Dischord 181 Fugazi First Demo

This is Fugazi's first demo, 11 songs recorded at Inner Ear Studios in 1988. LPs include a complimentary download code.

Ian MacKaye
vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto
Joe Lally
Brendan Canty

1. Waiting Room (version) + queue
2. Merchandise (version) + queue
3. Furniture (version) + queue
4. Song #1 (version) + queue
5. The Word (version) + queue
6. Badmouth (version) + queue
7. Break-In (version) + queue
8. Turn Off Your Guns + queue
9. And The Same (version) + queue
10. In Defense of Humans (version) + queue
11. Joe #1 (version) + queue