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By: Desmond Parrington about 3 years ago

Really great album! I really hope they release another album in the near future.

By: Tilman Dominka over 7 years ago

I love... not only the sound of this record!

By: Zachary Giberson about 8 years ago


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Dischord 182 Soccer Team Real Lessons In Cynicism

The second full-length release from Washington, DC's Soccer Team. Released in October, 2015.

1. Problems With Prolonged Youth
2. Best Employed New Beau
3. We Need To Talk
4. Lazy Colonist
5. Nose To Chin
6. Short-Term Expectations
7. Here's Why Dancers Smoke (version)
8. Friends Who Know
9. If You Were Here
10. Fits Of Jealous Rage Are In This Year
11. Mental Anguish Is Your Friend (version)
12. Too Many Lens Flares
13. Dinner With Derelicts
14. Vacations On The Lam