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By: Gil Bavel almost 7 years ago

Damn! Yes, you guys should record an entire album and make sure to hit Lawrence, KS on tour to support it!

By: Alex Rodrigues about 8 years ago

Such great songs! Please say there will be more.

By: James McWhirr about 8 years ago

Love these new songs, thanks for putting these out.

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Dischord 184 Dag Nasty Cold Heart

Two songs by Dag Nasty recorded with Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios in December, 2015. For this session, the band returned to its original lineup: guitarist Brian Baker, singer Shawn Brown, bassist Roger Marbury, and drummer Colin Sears. 

Brian Baker guitar
Shawn Brown vocals 
Roger Marbury bass
Colin Sears drums

1. Cold Heart
2. Wanting Nothing