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By: Noah Chiles 5 months ago

Love this album!

By: Todd Free 6 months ago

When is the next album coming out?

By: Laurence Joseph Leonardo about 2 years ago

What a great album. It gets better on every listen (on vinyl).

By: Craig Ciurca over 2 years ago

It's a dice game! and an album.

By: Michael Eckstein over 2 years ago

First time listening to the songs on LP. Like the Evens, this is a well balanced band...euphony realized.

By: Brian Garth over 2 years ago

so good I'm buying it for someone else now.

By: Will Von Holck almost 3 years ago

Say Yes! I'd kill to jam with a drummer as good as Amy. They should smash atoms with artist Elsa Hansen. I could see that working out well.

By: timothy dalton about 3 years ago

Hope everyone is well in the neighborhood. Also, what is or who is a Coricky?


By: Tom Alberti over 3 years ago

Single sounds great! Would love to see some east coast touring

By: Will Ray over 3 years ago


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Dischord 190 Coriky S/T

11 songs by Coriky. Recorded with Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios in 2019.

This pressing is on PINK Vinyl.

Amy Farina drums, vocals
Joe Lally bass, vocalsĀ 
Ian MacKaye guitar, vocalsĀ 

1. Clean Kill
2. Hard To Explain
3. Say Yes
4. Have a Cup of Tea
5. Too Many Husbands
6. BQM
7. Last Thing
8. Jack Says
9. Shedileebop
10. Inauguration Day
11. Woulda Coulda
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios