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By: Jan Jacobs 3 months ago

I would love to have this one in my collection! I hope there will be a repress one day. cheers

By: Marco Martins 5 months ago

I love it . please dont repeat.
I pay lots of money, cos i love

By: Alberto Sorrenti 7 months ago

Pliz repress the box 🙏

By: Chad Arnish 10 months ago

Please repress this before I spend 200 dollars on discogs. Would rather my money go to Dischord directly.

By: RICARDO ARAUJO 12 months ago

Please, repress (not so limited) this amazing boxset for anybody all over the world can get these gems in their original 7" format and with the booklet and the The Slinkees 7".
The non-americans and the not so lucky to preorder them also need this boxset for the original price ($50-$80) and not for $150-$200 that cost nowadays...

By: Paul Goold over 2 years ago

Just received my copy in England the other day. A great item, in great condition. Big thanks to Ian and Jeff

By: PAUL POPLAWSKI over 2 years ago

Are you guys seriously whining about "only having a month" to but this? A MONTH? Wow..

By: Mary Beckler over 2 years ago

sad i didn't see this in time:(

By: Loren Asthma over 2 years ago

it's worth twice that. in any currency. and fully worth the wait!

By: CEYLON MOONEY over 2 years ago

timothy, you are so right. man, what the hell is going on???

By: Timothy Lewis over 2 years ago

Can't believe you only had a month to buy this. Looking forward to seeing it on discogs/ebay for $500 once it's released.

By: Kenneth Wymore almost 3 years ago

Any updates on this?

By: LAURENT Cyril almost 3 years ago

Any news? :)

By: jeffrey kerns about 3 years ago

Was just looking for Teen Idles. love new pressings. thanks!

By: Chris Fender about 3 years ago

Cant wait, thank you!

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Dischord 200 Various Artists 1st Six - 7" Inch Box Set

Forty years after the label started, we’ve decided to reissue the first six Dischord releases in their original 7” vinyl format. 

These were sold together as a box set to create Dischord 200:

Dischord # 1 - The Teen Idles “Minor Disturbance” 8-song EP
Dischord # 2 - SOA “No Policy” 10-song EP
Dischord # 3 - Minor Threat “Minor Threat” 8-song EP
Dischord # 4 - Government Issue “Legless Bull” 10-song EP
Dischord # 5 - Minor Threat “In My Eyes” 4-song EP
Dischord # 6 - Youth Brigade “Possible” 7-song EP

All six records have been remastered, with sleeves and lyric sheets reproduced from original art.

Also included is a 12-page booklet.

Dischord 200 was only available through pre-order

Click here for more information.