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By: Jon Lyne almost 13 years ago

Thanks for making RLTSOT music available again. I believe there was a demo tape that preceded the singles and the LP, I think before Bobby was in the band - with Pete singing. Any chance that will be available for Digital purchase at some point?

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Self Released 96.5 Rain Like The Sound Of Trains Self-Titled

This is the long out of print full-length from Rain Like The Sound Of Trains -- finally made available for download.

RLTSOT fused political punk with dub, funk and a hint of The Clash. The band features ex-members of Verbal Assault, Beefeater, Jack O' Fire and Soulside. 

1. Puzzled States
2. Held Back
3. The Goods
4. Unplug
5. Branching Out
6. So Long As Forever
7. Missed
8. Pave America
9. School