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Accidental Guest AG18 Crimson Wave Say/Calling You

Baltimore's Crimson Wave first made a name for itself by crafting one of the most consistent demos of 2013. The group's lo-fi dream pop turned heads and garnered comparisons to the likes of Felt, Galaxie 500, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

With 2014's "Say / Calling You," Crimson Wave takes a big leap forward, not only on a sonic level, but in terms of song-writing as well. The title track is explosive, thanks to Sophie Walter’s dynamic guitar work. The epic, “Calling You” is a moody slow burner that pushes singer/guitarist Megan Lloyd’s subtle yet powerful vocals. Bassist Katie Langer and drummer Sam Whitelaw play off each other with ease on both songs, making Crimson Wave sound more experienced than a band just releasing its first single.

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