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Self Released BCG01 Buck Gooter Ghost Brain

Buck Gooter - Ghost Brain 12" Limited Stock: 10 Available
Buck Gooter was formed in 2005 as the duo of Terry Turtle and Billy Brett. Fourteen years of relentless band activity saw them play hundreds of shows and release well over a dozen records. Terry Turtle tragically passed away in 2019, leaving Billy with his final wishes to "keep on playing my music". The entire Ghost Brain album features Oliver Ackermann’s production and Terry Turtle is sampled on every song. 

LP is a limited first pressing of 100 copies.

Terry Turtle - voices, guitars

Billy Brett - voices, electronics

  1. The Serger 
  2. Burning Glass 
  3. Symbiotic
  4. Fragments 
  5. Buddha 
  6. Chain Stringer Man 
  7. Tail Of The Beast 
  8. Carl Sagan 
  9. Shock Collar Off 
  10. Knurling 
  11. Distant Future
  12. Eight Bladed Iris 
  13. Time Flies
  14. Sun T