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I Want Some (re-issue)


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Black Gemini BG05 Make-Up I Want Some (re-issue)

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Twenty three tracks of Rock n' Roll Commitern agitprop. Originally released as bitesized 7" tomes by central committees around the globe, this is the bedside companion of every agent of the insurgent kind.

The CD version of this album is out via K Records.

  1. Blue Is Beautiful
  2. Trans-Pleasant Express
  3. Type-U-Blood
  4. We're Having a Baby
  5. This is...Young Vulgarians
  6. R U A Believer
  7. Free Arthur Lee
  8. Untouchable Sound
  9. I Didn't Means 2 Turn You On
  10. Wade In The Water
  11. Substance Abuse
  12. Under The Impression
  13. Have You Heard The Tapes?
  14. Pow! To The People
  15. I Want Some
  16. Walking On The Dune
  17. The Choice
  18. Born On The Floor
  19. Hey! Orpheus
  20. Grey Motorcycle
  21. Every Baby Cries The Same
  22. I am if...
  23. Little Black Book