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Dischord 181.5 Alarms and Controls Clovis Points

The debut full-length by Alarms & Controls. Eleven songs recorded by J. Robbins at Magpie Cage in Baltimore, Maryland in 2012.

Released November 19th, 2013 as a split between Dischord and Lovitt Records.

Chris Hamley vocals & guitar
Michael Honch bass
Vin Novara drums

1. Megalodon
2. Khmer Avatar
3. Your Friend in Brown Corduroy
4. Anxiety Disorder
5. Swarm Theory
6. Ocean of Storms
7. Reanimus Cataract
8. Whistle Back to the Archer
9. Running Hard On The Trickledown
10. Strike When The Irons Hot
11. Clovis Points