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By: Patrick Thiel about 1 month ago

Can you please make the digital version available? Would love to add this to my collection!

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Dischord 197.5 Continuals S/t

Continuals are a band from D.C. featuring Michael Honch, Ryan Nelson, and Darren Zentek, all of whom have played in numerous other bands before this one (Soccer Team, Alarms and Controls, Kerosene 454, The Most Secret Method, Hunger Artist, Channels, Office of Future Plans, Minutes, Routineers, etc.). They've released two digital EPs and a flexi-disc single prior to this self-titled LP. The album features 13 songs recorded at The Magpie Cage in Baltimore by J. Robbins, guest vocals by Melissa Quinley (Soccer Team) and Erin Nelson (Beauty Pill), a cover photo by Meredith Bragg, and illustrations by Ryan Nelson.

1. March 3rd
2. First of Many Popsicles
3. Careful & Forgiving
4. Caught Me Slippin'
5. Privacy
6. Starcade
7. Back When I Was in Rehab
8. So This is Immortality
9. Before
10. Another Microphone
11. Flying Cross
12. No One Knows I Left
13. Exile