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Electric Cowbell EC048 of Tropique Buster Goes West

Debuting on Electric Cowbell Records, comes the first full-length release from Tokyo’s “of Tropique!” A marvelous album full of wonderful and eclectic tropical-infused instrumental tunes. Teppei Kondo’s spirited vintage clarinet often takes centerstage, propelled by a pulsating rhythm section that includes guest spots from guitarist Rolando Bruno and percussionist Mutsumi Kobayashi from Japan’s premier neo-Cumbia group, Minyo Crusaders. The sound of the album is impossible to describe in words, it is lovely throughout, and has a playful, exotic vibe that echoes old cartoon and spaghetti Western soundtracks with a particular Afro-Caribbean flair. “Buster Goes West” is a fearless album filled with lots of turns and twists and a special magic like an imagined voyage through tropical islands where each shoreline reveals a zany new discovery that will leave you wonderstruck.

of Tropique is a Tokyo based instrumental band formed by four crazy Japanese who play clarinet, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keys, and lots of other stuff. Their music is pop, funky, exotic, and weird enough to take you on a little trip to the peculiar side of Tokyo, one of the most bizarre cities in the world.