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By: Alex Mitrani 4 months ago

The radio broadcast part of this recording (tracks 1-9) can be found in the FM Radio Archive Collection on, here:

By: Alex Mitrani 4 months ago

Perhaps the FM Radio archive on might be a good home for this and any other Fugazi radio recordings that might be tricky to release commercially due to rights issues?

Fugazi would be in good company as the FM radio archive includes recordings of FM radio broadcasts by Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and also more contemporary artists such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

I understand that Triple J is part of ABC and there are recordings in the archive that were originally broadcast by ABC radio stations, so maybe it would be possible to get the required permissions for adding this recording to the FM radio archive.

I hope this is helpful.

By: Alex Mitrani 6 months ago

This one doesn't seem to have been included in the digital version of the Fugazi Live Series. FLS0399 is Lincoln, NE USA 9/14/1991, and FLS0400 is Geelong, VIC Australia 10/17/1991. Could it please be included when more shows are added to the series in future? Thanks.

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Fugazi Live Series FLS22 Fugazi Sydney, AU Oct 14, 1991

This recording, and the other 29 shows from the Fugazi Live CD Series, will be made available to download from the new home of the Fugazi Live Series digital archive.

Ian MacKaye
vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto
vocals & guitar
Joe Lally
Brendan Canty

1. Fugazi's Enchanted Australian Evening (Rap)
2. Two Beats Off
3. Styrofoam
4. Dear Justice Letter
5. Reclamation
6. Exit Only
7. Kyeo
8. Long Division
9. Blueprint
10. Preliminaries_The Set Up