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Fugazi Live Series FLS24 Fugazi Washington, DC Aug 9, 1993

This recording, and the other 29 shows from the Fugazi Live CD Series, is available to download from the new home of the Fugazi Live Series digital archive.

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Ian MacKaye
vocals & guitar
Guy Piciotto
vocals & guitar
Joe Lally
Brendan Canty

1. Intro (Rap)
2. By You (Instrumental)
3. Long Division
4. Runaway Return
5. Ice Cream Eating MotherFucker (Rap)
6. Styrofoam
7. Public Witness Program
8. Instrument
9. Technical Difficulties_Aborted Rend It
10. Facet Squared
11. Smallpox Champion
12. Returning The Screw
13. Reprovisional
14. Suggestion
15. Give Me The Cure
16. Mall Contagion (Rap)
17. Blueprint
18. Last Chance For A Slow Dance
19. Sweet And Low