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Gnome Life Records GNM31 Fountainsun Music Today

Fountainsun play folkpsalms. Sing verses from the Metaverse. Channel mytho-poetics from Atlantis, Pangaea, or the planet Vulcan. They drink from the fount of music that is most ancient and forever new.

The core members of Fountainsun are Fumie Ishii of Tokyo and Daniel Higgs of Baltimore. Both committed, through sound and gesture, to participation in a song-sustained state of higher communication. Voice, banjo, guitar, drums, and recitations are used to create a joyful and rebellious noise. Gnome Life released the debut Fountainsun LP in the summer of 2015 A.D.

Limited edition of 1000 copies on translucent green vinyl.

Daniel Higgs
Fumie Ishii