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Handstand Records HND43 LMI Excess Subconscious

LMI are a dark hardcore / stoner punk trio from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. They blend the angular dissonance of Drive Like Jehu and the off-kilter energy of early Mastodon with heavy punk riffs akin to Poison Idea if they were potheads instead of drunks. LMI explore the cavernous recesses of the mind on “Excess Subconscious” with a series of menacing shrieks and snarls, bleak introspective lyrics, and an overall eerie atmosphere.

  1. New Strings
  2. Victim Of Change
  3. Tracing Fortune
  4. Concrete Illusions
  5. Pulse Of Ruin
  6. Ghost Teeth
  7. Another Shadow
  8. Tomorrow Midnight
  9. Light Demise