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By: Dave Marks over 8 years ago

Is this gonna be on colored vinyl?

By: Matt Pittman almost 9 years ago

This still happening?

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Desoto JA17 Jawbox S/T

Recorded and mixed with John Agnello and released on TAG Recordings in 1996, this was the band's fourth and final full-length. For this reissue the vinyl has been remastered by Dan Coutant at Sunroom Audio. Both CD and LP versions will include updated cover art courtesy of Jason Farrell.

1. Mirrorful
2. Livid
3. Iodine
4. His Only Trade
5. Chinese Fork Tie
6. Won't Come Off
7. Excandescent
8. Spoiler
9. Desert Sea
10. Empire Of One
11. Mule/Stall
12. Nickel Nickel Millionaire
13. Capillary Life
14. Absenter