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Self Released KF002 Kingface Complete

This is the MP3 version of the long out-of-print Kingface "Complete" CD, released in 1995. This album includes everything the band ever recorded in the studio.

Tracks 1-4 (recorded in April 1986) we're exclusive to the CD. Tracks 5-9 (recorded in December 1986) were released on the band's self-titled 12" LP. Tracks 10-13 (recorded November 1987) and 14-15 (recorded April 1989) were released on the Everywhere You Look 12" LP on Konkurrel.

Mark Sullivan vocals
Patrick Bobst guitar
Andy Rapoport bass
Larry Colbert drums

1. Tired
2. Lick the Moon
3. My Favorite Movie is Life
4. Dirty Wings
5. Crawl Into Tomorrow
6. I Don't Want to be Anything
7. Lull-a-bye
8. Anyone
9. Like a King
10. One Truth
11. Words Taste Good
12. Read My Back
13. My Only Sin
14. Life Keeps Getting Longer
15. Jealousy
Recorded At
Inner Ear and Omega by
Produced By
King Face, Ian MacKaye, Joey Pea