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Dark Operative OPS034 Bleach Everything Welcome Idiots: 2012-2018

“Welcome Idiots: 2012-2018” collects all of the out of print and sold out 7”s, split 7”s, comp tracks, and flexis that Richmond/San Diego outfit Bleach Everything released from 2012-2018. While all songs were originally recorded all at once in 2012, they were steadily issued on various releases in that span.

“Free Inside,” “Sons of Hecate,” and “Facehugger” comprised the “Free Inside” 7” on Magic Bullet Records (2015). “Savage” originally appeared on the “It Came from the Abyss” Vol. 1 compilation LP on Dark Operative (2018), later to be paired with “Steamboat” for the “Savage/Steamboat” X-ray flexi/wrestling zine (2020). “Witch, Please,” “Silk and Scales,” and “Human Mulligan” appeared on the "Heavy Metal Suicide" 7” with Gehenna (2016). “The Moaner” appeared on a split 7” with VORS (2014). “I Killed a Werewolf Once (It’s On Film)” was originally issued as a postcard flexi inside issue 2 of the band’s self-published zine as part of a tribute to Gary Busey.
All tracks have been remastered by Bryan Walthall at Stereoimage. The release features new art by band member Brent Eyestone. For those that enjoyed all of the early output of the band, it is now available in one singular and convenient collection from this point on.