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ORG Music ORGM2110 Sun Ra Standards

Sun Ra - Standards 12" LP Limited Stock: 4 Available
Sun Ra, the extraordinary, outlandish, and sometimes controversial pianist, is often described as an “acquired taste”, with a massive and diverse catalog. This release is a good place to start for uninitiated or dismissive listeners. The album showcases Ra’s grounding in the jazz tradition, with unique takes on standards like “Time After Time,” “Easy to Love,” and “But Not for Me”. Not unordinary for Sun Ra, the recording process was informal; “Can This Be Love?” was recorded in his Chicago apartment in 1955; he is accompanied only by the great Wilbur Ware on bass. The other five tracks, which feature, among others, Ra’s longtime associate John Gilmore on tenor saxophone, were recorded at the Choreographer’s Workshop rehearsal space in 1962 and 1963. The album is finally receiving its first ever vinyl release with a psychedelic color pressing, exclusively for Record Store Day 2018.

  1. Can This Be Love?
  2. Sometimes I’m Happy
  3. Time After Time

  1. Easy To Love
  2. Keep Your Sunny Side Up
  3. But Not For Me