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Radical Elite RE006 Too Much Club Emotion

Club Emotion is the full-length debut album by dance-floor duo, Too Much (Ian Svenonius, Rich Morel). Nine songs of pure ecstasy that are perfectly suited for the club, the car or the closet. Too Much is a new kind of group; they aren’t your typical music industry malcontents. They eschew entitlement, egomania, and expectation and replace them with:

2) A few words of encouragement
3) The trust that the listener will lean their way.
Sometimes there just isn't enough of ... TOO MUCH.

1. Club Emotion
2. Lay It On the Line
3. Not Tonight
4. Patent Leather
5. I Can't Believe It
6. We Showed Them
7. Diabolical
8. Fact or Fiction
9. I Wanna Be A DJ
Produced By
Rich Morel