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Radical Elite RE014 Escape-Ism RATED Z

PRE-ORDER. Expected to ship end of Oct/ early Nov

RATED Z is the new record from minimal rock 'n' roll duo ESCAPE-ISM, the legendary "found sound dream drama"  featuring Ian F Svenonius & Alexandra Cabral. 

RATED Z is a declaration of a new underground, distinct from the tedious drivel of self-satisfied corporate indie rock. RATED Z continues Escape-ism's commitment to minimalism, impertinence, and the search for new modes of communication with those fellow travellers who are loath to fall in line with the latest thing. The song "Rated Z" declares Escape-ism's commitment to absolute obscurity, while "Rocker's Delight" outlines a hang out scenario for the fringe elements who rally  to Escape-ism as the last gasp of poetry & playfulness in an oppressive landscape of artless algorithm rock. "Teenage Surrealism PT I & II" delineates a dialogue with a dream, and "Whatever People Say That I Am"  is a soon to be theme song for those who can't be numbered, named, and filed away. 

Escape-ism  has relentlessly toured the world over the last five years and has recently made a feature film "The Lost Record" (based on the last Escape-ism disc, also titled "The Lost Record"). The Lost Record film has been playing cinema arthouses over the last months in Europe, sometimes in tandem with live Escape-ism performances, and has been selected as a feature film by several Festivals (FAME Film Festival in France and L.U.F.F.; Lausanne Underground Film Festival, among others ). It also played in Venice during the recent festival there and at Rome's Museum of Contemporary Art. A US release is breathlessly anticipated. 

The record "Rated Z" will be accompanied by an underground analogue video--TV show also called Rated Z, featuring several spoken, music, and dance pieces, directed by Telefantasy Studios. Plans for the premiere of this TV show are in discussion but it will be telecast to announce the record. The television show will feature videos for the songs "Rated Z" and "Whatever People Say That I Am." 

The record is the latest release from Radical Elite Records, the imprint responsible for the underground newsprint broadsheet "The Cellophane Flag" which recently released Escape-ism's "The Silent Record," a long playing silent record which sold out almost immediately. This record is for all territories except for Europe where it will be released by Mono Tone records from France and distributed by Munster.