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Distant Karma


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Silver Rocket SRR84 Paramount Styles Distant Karma

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Paramount Styles is a band/project which consists of Scott McCloud and Alexis Fleisig (both from Girls Against Boys and Soulside). McCloud and Fleisig have been making records and playing music for more than 25 years. Initially, Paramount Styles was intentionally limited to acoustic guitar, drums, and loose/moody song arrangements. This record reveals a possible expansion of the idea into a more electric and noisy terrain.

  1. Someone Else's Playground
  2. Shame You Sold Out
  3. Distant Karma
  4. Light Up the Sky
  5. Inflatable Unicorns
  6. My Dream of You is Over
  7. Criminal Vibe
  8. Speak American
  9. Coast Thru Life
  10. Don't Worry I Got This
  11. How it Started