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Trick Bag Records TBR001 Benjy Ferree Cry-Fi

Benjy Ferree's third full-length LP, released in 2016 by Trick Bag Records.

"From the first synth driven onslaught of Cry-Fi, his third LP, it's clear Benjy is rummaging through the storage space and pulling out sounds and words from his past and seeing if they still fit in our new age. The innocence of his debut, Leaving the Nest, is clearly sublimated but still creaking through the cracks of these more muscular tracks. The sounds are processed and deep, and the words belie a post-weary man. Benjy has written a collection of recollections of pain and hurt and all the smells of the sweaty canvas that are usually beneath the boxers feet, but unfortunately too often too close. This record takes us by the scruff and lifts us up and slaps us and cuts our eyelids open and splashes water on our face and says, to us, to himself, that we must get back up, get back out there and fight. There is always desperation, but it is glorious sometimes, in our past. Benjy sings from a desperate place, his voice crying above the din, but clearly on the other side of something. He sees glory. He sings of it." - Brendan Canty (filmmaker/composer, Fugazi, Super Silver Haze)