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The Julie Ruin Records TJR01 The Julie Ruin Run Fast

The first full-length by The Julie Ruin, which features singer Kathleen Hanna and bassist Kathi Wilcox, both formerly of Bikini Kill. They are joined by keyboardist Kenny Mellman, guitarist Sara Landeau, and drummer Carmine Covelli.

Kathleen Hanna vocals
Kathi Wilcox bass
Kenny Mellman keyboards
Sara Landeau guitar
Carmine CovelliĀ drums

1. Oh Come On
2. Ha Ha Ha
3. Just My Kind
4. Party City
5. Cookie Road
6. Lookout
7. Right Home
8. Kids in NY
9. Goodnight Goodbye
10. South Coast Plaza
11. Girls Like Us
12. Stop Stop
13. Run Fast
Recorded At
Oscilloscope Studios
Mastered By
Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta
Mixed By
Eli Crews, Kathleen Hanna, James Murphy