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Adult Desire


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Tough Lover TL01 Craig Wedren Adult Desire

Adult Desire is the fourth solo album by Craig Wedren (Shudder to Think) and the first release on his imprint, Tough Lover. From Wedren: "The album is a meditation on age, death, sex, marriage, and family best described as domestic surrealism."

  1. Adult Desire
  2. Amnesian Wedding March
  3. I am a Wolf, You are the Moon
  4. Be a Man
  5. I Was a Soldier
  6. The Same
  7. 2Priests (The Heat is On)
  8. Little Minaret
  9. Join the Zoo Live Again
  10. Safe Home Fadeland
  11. Face the Pillows
  12. Genies
  13. Into the Blue Sky
  14. Arches