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Third Man Records TMR397 Chain and the Gang Live at Third Man Records

The latest from the world's greatest frontman, Ian Svenonius, is the excellent live document of Chain and the Gang. Having put out full-lengths with K Records, In the Red Records and Dischord Records, Third Man is proud to join the ranks of Chain disciples in presenting their first ever live recording. This LP captures the raucous yet sagacious social commentary of Svenonius perfectly supplemented by the shaken soulful punk stylings of The Gang. This ain't 3am party dulled garage rock; this is sharp, socio-political and intelligent critique, as many DC artists have had a rich history of representing. This also must be Chain & the Gang’s decidedly lo-fi sound at its most clear.

Ian Svenonius
Anna Nasty
bass, vocals
Francy Graham
guitar, vocals
Jim Thomson

  1. Live 'n' Direct
  2. I See Progress
  3. Why Not?
  4. Certain Kinds of Trash
  5. Devitalize
  6. Free Will
  7. Logic of Night
  8. Mum's the Word
  9. Livin' Rough
  10. What is a Dollar?
  11. Come Over