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Windian WIN20056 The Hangmen What a Girl

Released by Monument Records in 1965, The Hangmen’s first single “What A Girl Can’t Do” propelled the group to regional stardom, even supplanting The Beatles on the local charts. Traveling by hearse from gig to gig, The Hangmen garnered a rabid teenage following that forced their shows to be broken up by the local police on more than one occasion, even playing a private party at Robert Kennedy’s home.

Direct from the ashes of DC favorites The Reekers, The Hangmen contained many members of the former band and relied on the songwriting talents of guitarists Tom Guernsey and George Daly just as much as the backbeat of bassist Mike West and drummer Bob Berberich. After the dissolution of The Reekers in ‘65, the new group sought out “that British Sound” by contacting the British Embassy directly by phone to find a lead singer! This gamble paid off by getting them in touch with lead singer Dave Ottley (actually a Scotsman), who rounded out the line-up that would be responsible for their raucous reputation.

Remastered from the original Monument tapes by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in NYC, these two tracks have NEVER sounded as good as they do here!