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By: Nick Bennett about 11 years ago

i would like to be the first to comment on this. i want to read this.

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PM Press bf01 Stevie Chick Spray Paint the Walls: The Story of Black Flag

Author: Stevie Chick
Format: Paperback
Size: 9 by 6
Page count: 432 Pages

Spray Paint The Walls tells Black Flag’s story from the inside, drawing on exclusive interviews with the group’s members, their contemporaries, and the bands they inspired. It’s the story of Henry Rollins, and his journey from fan to iconic frontman. And it’s the story of Greg Ginn, who turned his electronics company into one of the world’s most influential independent record labels while leading Black Flag from punk’s three-chord frenzy into heavy metal and free-jazz. Featuring over 30 photos of the band from Glen E. Friedman, Edward Colver, and others.