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Left Out Records lo1a Möbius Strip A Knee in the Back

A Knee In The Back, produced by Devin Ocampo of Deathfix and Medications, is Möbius Strip's debut album. Möbius Strip formed in Washington, D.C. in late 2008 and began playing live soon after. Recorded in December 2009, Knee captures the band halfway through its evolution from an indie rock side-project to political-minded punk band. The LP is pressed on 180­gram marbled pink vinyl.

  1. My Museum
  2. Bedrock
  3. Objects in Mirror May be Closer Than They Appear
  4. Catholic School
  5. Wake-Up Call
  6. Rewrite
  7. Pez Dispenser Head
  8. Stand By
  9. Testaverde
  10. Sea Shepherd
  11. The Tree That Owns Itself
  12. Washington, DeCeit