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Magic Bullet mb076 Forensics Hogback Mountain

Brent Eyestone
Guitar and Vocals
George Crum
Winter 2005
Spring 2005

The Hogback Mountain Sessions are impromptu gatherings of members of Forensics and various friends/guests for the sole purpose of improvised studio experimentation and composition. Results of the gatherings are documented in limited edition CD's (all on Magic Bullet) and 12" format (on different labels with each session). The first installment of this ongoing series, Vol. 1 finds the musicians laying down 4 tracks/23 minutes of dark and chilling passages atop subharmonic and drone elements that prove far more listenable and melodious than grating or monotonous..

  1. I Need To Talk To Hank Hank
  2. Eldon Diesel Rides Again
  3. Crappy Shop (50 Cent Diss Track)
  4. Half Mast
Recorded at
Nothing But Noise
Produced by
Brent Eyestone and George Crum