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M'Lady's mlady005 Julianna Barwick Sanguine

12" LP out of stock

Beautiful, angelic vocal music from New York-based musician JULIANNA BARWICK. Layered, looped and treated vocals create deceptively simple songs which seep into your soul! Soothing, sad, deep music that sounds a bit like a post rock take on Early Modern choral music—think Animal Collective doing Thomas Tallis!

  1. Unit 1
  2. Unit 2
  3. Unit 3
  4. Unit 4
  5. Unit 5
  6. Unit 6
  7. Unit 7
  8. Unit 8
  9. Unit 9
  10. Scary Cat
  11. Dancing with Friends
  12. Sanguine
  13. Red Tit Warbler

Produced By
Julianna Barwick