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M'Lady's mladys9 Tronics What's the Hubub Bub

12" LP out of stock

Originally issued at the height of the British post-punk renaissance, What's The Hubub Bub presaged the DIY underground movement in the United States by several years and, until now, has been more rumored than heard. Recorded mostly live to cassette by weirdo-pop auteur, Ziro Baby (more recently known as Zarjaz Baby), the album has an astonishing breadth, taking in and transmuting savage rock n roll, tender ballads, tape experiments, and in the case of "The Shark Fucks", bona fide anthems. M'lady's Records is very proud to be issuing What's The Hubub Bub for the very first time on LP, remastered and packaged with the original sleeve.

  1. How Do You Do Again
  2. Helsinki
  3. Hard on Me
  4. Raw Reggae
  5. Space Message
  6. The Other Man
  7. Alone
  8. The Shark Fucks Intro
  9. The Shark Fucks
  10. Im A Diver
  11. Pieces For A
  12. Galaxy Bar Juke Box 1&2